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Monday, 19 January 2009

Kiss From A Rose

"Let me know what i've done wrong"
Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects

Bangkok Dangerous...Bangkok not safe, DON'T GO BANGKOK.

lol, i just finished watching Bangkok Dangerous. haha, mum thinks it's a senseless show(as usual, all movies are senseless to her) i think it's quite good show. It really shows the delusions of good and evil in us through the eyes of others, especially those whom we are responsible for.

CNY is coming...haha so is St. Valentine's Day.

For thy certified Princess, i wanna do something...probably make her day, take her out for something, only problem is that February 14th is a BLOODY SCHOOL DAY.

I was chatting with Her yesterday night, and i signed off with the usual *cuddles* and *kisses*. I say it to all the girls i know. It's either xoxo, hugsandkisses, or my trademark "HeartsHugsandKisses!". For some reason she didn't like the kisses :(. Come on, a kiss won't hurt, in fact it'll do the opposite.

Can we at least have a holiday just to show that someone we have have a crush on some love? What's wrong with Malaysia the world!?

Anyways, i performed for KLPac's open day today this morning with Keilly, before we were up, Denise Yap ran into us and we had a little chat. So we talked for a while in the corridor(knowing my AMAZING talent to block narrow passageways without noticing) and one of KLPac's photographers saw us and wanted to get a pic with the two of them without me...=.="

at least now i'm know my "friends" are not the ONLY people who think i'm ugly.

*cuddles* and *kisses*,

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