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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Candy Shop

"I laugh cause it's so damn funny"
Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Alison Swift

Hey again=). I guess my blog's getting boring due to the lack of pictures. So i decided to add some colour to my life. So let's start with some pink =).

Stephanie dear started a little online shop that sells trinkets, little gifts and really cute stuff. Go check it out. Click on the advert below! I suggest you put it on your blogs/facebook/friendster/multiply/Hi5/myspace and whatnots.

Yes Steph. i'm proud to be your first customer!! Yay! =)

I've got the new Windows Live Messenger - Messenger 2009. Haha. It's really nice. You should try it too. Go Google it. It's good...

andd COLOURFUL!!!! :)))

Was chatting with Kath and Scott yesterday, and because the new meesenger uses colours to express your status, this happened =).

i really love colours =). Don't euu?

And lastly, Scott's new phone has a webcam feature, and so he's gone wild using it. haha.

BTW, does anyone subscribe to the National Geographic Magazine? If you have the CD that comes with the free camera, i need it. Pretty important. Can sms me if you do?


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