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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Receive The Power

"We'll forever testify of your mercies and unfailing love!"
Receive The Power - Guy Sebastian featuring Paulini

About time i blogged about rally.

For my own reasons, i won't reveal why i'm writing in so late. It's very personal. Some say rally was a blast, but things happened. Just so you know, if you take your eyes off the Lord, very, very nasty things can happen.

I miss last year's rally like crazy, so i couldn't wait for this year's. Turned out that it was NOTHING like how i expected it to be.

Well, due to plenty of commitment matters, i had the smallest role in the team, but hey. It was all for God right?

I find it nearly impossible to mingle around in a crowd, so i was like a one-man-island there. It sucked being alone, but hey. I'm not into finding girl's numbers. I may be single, but I'm loving enough to be committed to one girl. Trouble is, i haven't found a girl loving enough to be committed to me, and i probably never will. Pink?? Hearts?? Balloons?? Virginity till 30?? Nobody wants me.

My number's all over the place. You want it? Leave yours in the Shoutbox. or email me:


It pays to have a brother. I forgot so many things to take for rally, and who'd be better to call but him. My package of vinegar, towel and slippers arrived safely and on time :). Thanks Jo!

And if you're wondering what was in the "bomb" during opening night, it was a balloon. It was meant to make the box collapse when the bomb "exploded". Crishen would pop it :(((, and the box would just fall apart.

Trouble was, the person in charge bought 9" balloons, which were far too small for the box. So for that, i sacrificed my 11" Hot Pink Pastel for them...and they used it for practice. For some reason i stumbled upon a blue one near our old dorm, so i gave it to them. They called the graduates and asked for more, so the grads came with 10 balloons. They blew up all 10, shoved them under the table at backstage. Guess which one they used for the bomb?

The blue one i found.

It's was really cute watching all this, but we were stuck with balloons all over the backstage, and nothing to do with them.If i'm not mistaken, they're still there...

This year, the 08' Team, led by Crishen Gomez and Beatrice Grace broke the record for the longest Dancing With The Lord session through all the rallies. 30 songs back to back, virtually non stop. Interesting results followed, I shall not elaborate.

Inner healing was magical. The best i've ever been for. Cried my eyes out. Something we all need once in a while.

Confession, on the other hand, was pretty...different. My penance was 3 decades of the rosary! I've never received more than 5 prayers in one round before, and boom, i get 35 prayers for almost the same sins. But one thing's for sure - I've sinned alot.

Closing nite was fantastic. Started with a bang. Literally. Clown makeup came after. I wanted a kiss mark, but Grace made a slip, so she coloured my whole face to touch up for it. It was pretty difficult to get it onto people's faces. Dad thought it was overdone. but to be honest, I LOVED it. Too bad i couldn't get a pic of it :(.

Just before i close this *long and late* post, i wanna shout out to some ppl.

This post is for YOU!

08' TEAM
Augustine Ow
Vanessa Chew
Valerie Koo
Roeshan Gomez
Crishen Gomez
Justin Yap
Jordan Yap
Sheldon Roy
Nicholson Roy
Kwok Hsien
Beatrice Grace
Darren Chow
Roger Lim
Samantha Ho
Jacqueline Yap
Crystal Ng

Stephanie Aeria
Aaron West
Aaron Lee Xian Tee
Nichols Sta Maria
Laura Sta Maria
Joshua John
Joshua Heng
Grace Lee
Michelle Lai
Rachel Lai
Arthur Lim
Asheelaa (hope i spelt that right...:-S)
Sanjieev Prabu
Lyn Kam
Ian Kam

Marcus Chong
Aunty Pat
Uncle Richard
Beatrice Lai

Lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses,


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