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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Insult to the Music Industry

"You always take time to criticize me."
Shut Up - Simple Plan

Sarah Ng once told me, "Daniel, you really seem to hate gay people."

Before i begin this post, i know millions of you will have something to say, and you'll be itching to spam my shoutox. Well, go ahead if you have to, just expect anything rude or vulgar to be deleted.

First of all, i don't hate gay people. In fact, i respect them and their courage to be queer, especially in this shithole of a country, but get one thing right here - I'M NOT GAY.

People say music is a powerful method of communication, and i agree, but then again, all things can be abused, and the more powerful, the more effective and therefore the more dangerous.

The definition of gay is homosexuality, commonly among boys. The female equivalent is a lesbian. Unfortunately there's someone who really doesn't understand the definition.

"You're so gay, and you don't even like boys"

That line is from Ur So Gay by the infamous Katy Perry, the worst thing to happen to the music industry in my opinion.

Many are out there longing for a career in music, and if possible, in Hollywood. This lady has both, and she's "learning" along the way.

I read the review of "Ur So Gay", and i found out that it was dedicated to her ex-boyfriend, so i read the lyrics, and gasp! What's the last word of the song??

Answer: *the male private part*

Can anyone have less respect for the male sex organ than her!!?!??!?!?

I thought it would be rather insulting to the guy, so i YouTubed it, and i saw the music video, and i regret watching it badly.She used dolls and in the end, stripped the guy doll naked and was pissed at the one thing - no genitals =.=". FIRST OF ALL, THEY'RE DOLLS! Second, just because he's missing his little friend, doesn't mean he's gay. Third, he has every right to his sexual orientation, if he really is gay, shut up and let him be. Don't tell the world. Fourth, the "=)" smiley has a better place to be used, and not on the clouds in your pornographic music video.

Coming back to the definition. Since when was gay an insult? These days, everyone looks at gay as an insult. As i've written before in my essays: Even the most understanding person has "the thought" at the back of their head.

And of course, you've heard "I Kissed A Girl". Her big debut. By logic, girl-kissing is more homosexual than a guy that doesn't like boys. Don't get me wrong though, girl-kissing isn't necessarily homosexual, it's can be very close friendship, or it can be a really cute and girly way of saying I Love You, but Katy kissed a girl "just to try it". If i were her boyfriend i wouldn't mind it, but if she flips around and says "Ur So Gay", then one tight slap's coming.

Ok. Then she's calling people what she is now eh? She probably looked in the morror one day and came up with the lyrics to "Hot and Cold".

Speaking of Hot and Cold, she filmed the music video in a church. If you wanna keep complaining about other's sexual orientation, how a guy magically can have PMS, and can change his mind like a girl changes clothes, please keep it outside the house of God. Have a bit of respect. God Almighty created you, so be abit grateful and stop dumping boys and calling them gay, or saying they can have PMS.

Ok. I'm done b****ing about the biggest b**** in the music industry. If you're reading this, i suggest you put down the big pink icecream, fold up the lawnchair, learn to inflate a pool floatie properly, and learn some respect.


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