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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Farewell, Honeymoon Year.

"Chances taken, chances given, and some chances wasted too. And i think if i could turn back time, i'll make more mistakes than you!"
Farewell, Honeymoon Year - Daniel Anthony

Well, i've been doing alot of looking back now, at how much of my life i spent wasted, and set my eyes on one of the most fruitful years of my life, 2008.

Yes, form 4, the honeymoon year.

WHY MUST IT END???? :(((

This year's going to be the year that i'm going to miss the most. Plenty of reasons for that.

IN 2008, I FOUND:

A girlfriend
lots of knowledge
a pet brother
a kitten
God's amazing grace
things i really want
dreams beyond the horizons of practicality
someone who cares
people who will stand by you no matter what


the Rite of Calling

And i lost:

my girlfriend
my aunt
a couple of friends parents, who were also my friends,
a few friends
lots of guitar picks
RM40 at 7-Eleven


The Sri Aman Battle of the Bands.

And i'm really going to miss my pals who have gone to their eternal rest. I'll keep you to my prayers, and i really don't want to let go of 2008, ever.

With a tearful feeling, this might be my last post for the year. I'll forever remember 2008 and all that we went through together.

Love, loads of it,

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