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Monday, 24 November 2008

Knock Three Times

"You blow a kiss, but it just don't feel the same"
Your Love Is A Lie - Simple Plan

Getting dumped sucks, especially after she made a promise to you. A promise never to break up, a promise to love.

So i call you dear in front of your friends, it's because i care for you. If it's embarassing i'll stop. I know you've been trying to shake me off for a long time. So now i can't even say i love you?

I love you as a friend, as someone who cares. You're not stable, you're anorexic, and you need someone to be there for you. I'll do my best. God gave me the ability to love unconditionally too.

I hope you feel my Agape, and i want you to know that although we don't have feelings for each other, you're still in my heart.

Enjoy your stay in Klang.


Miracles can happen. I know it for sure. Bad days can have happy endings. I was in a shitstorm yesterday. My girl dumped me, i got hentamming from 3 parties one after another, and my mom and i got held up by Malaysia's money-hungry cops.

But hey! I got my laptop back! :), and my choir had a really great 5th anniversary concert. :)) It almost made me cry to see them having grown so far. I miss the KLCC.


You guys really don't know what you've got till it's almost gone, but at least you all care when it comes to the critical moment. Some of you are great, you all appeared offline to ask me if i'm ok, and if i'm staying on. I am staying on. I just have school this week.

And if i've ever hurt you guys, i'm really really really sorry. You guys have a place in my heart, though i may not be a prominent figure in your lives, i'm going to miss you guys.


I want you to know that she's my friend too, and she's a great one. I don't want to lose her. I need her to carry on. Without her around i wouldn't know what to do. Just understand that i'm a guy with very little friends...

I'm learning from Stephanie. Small print is really effective =)

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