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Wednesday, 19 November 2008


"While you sit there contemplating, you're wound up left for dead."
When I'm Gone - Sinple Plan

Is it true that you don't know what you've got till it's gone?

It is.

On Friday, we bid farewell to Chia Bee Yong, the Chief Quality Controller of Sekolah Sri Nobel. It's going to be very different without her...

For a while today, i thought to myself...

Why do i blog? It's not like the whole world reads it, and besides, nobody cares.

I left without saying a word and sat outside. A few of you noticed me there, but just ran into your car without even a wave goodbye. One of you even said i was walking home...

I come and ask what's going on. I know i was late, but it's not like everyone comes on time. I can't even have a decent conversation.

I know the jokes i crack are lame and all, and they're growing old...but i still love you guys.

Love, to me, is a sacrifice that demends NOTHING in return, not even to be loved back, but when nothing is given back, it is very heartbreaking. Love can be a one-way-street, but what the heck for? People need soneone to love, and people like me need love to live. Without any Agape, how any of us get around?

I'm not doing anything for you, i'm only doing it for the better of the team...and for God. Bear with me for a while, then you probably won't ever need to see my face again.

If some of you know what i'm talking about, i won't be coming back next year. My mom doesn't allow it, i don't want to, and i don't think you all want me around . i'm a pain in the ass for you all anyway.

If you don't want me around, i'll try to be like glass, invisible to you all, but there. I'll give my all, but i hope you understand what i'm going through.


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