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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sugar Sweet Kisses! 1 - Happy Belated Birthday!

"Can I have the attention of the class for a second?"
My Name Is... - Eminem

Before I start, I wanna say sorry for the late post.

As you’ve all known, I have always been inspired by martyrdom and the Kamikaze. Mind you, they’re not the same.
Saint Daniel Anthony was one. God bless him.

There was another martyr i came across very recently, and i plucked this stub from Wikipedia.

"Saints Stephanie and Victor contested in Damascus in 160, during the reign of Antoninus Pius. Soldiers arrested Saint Victor as a Christian and cut off his fingers, put out his eyes, and beheaded him. As Saint Stephanie, the wife of a certain soldier, and a Christian, saw Victor's nobility in his sufferings, she loudly cried out to call him blessed and to say that she saw two crowns prepared, one for him, and one for herself. She also was taken, and was tied to two palm trees which had been bowed down; when they were released, she was torn asunder."
Ok, ok. I know it's gory and sick and all, but i'm dedicating this post to a very, very close pet sister of mine...and it for a very speial day to her too!


Since you always post your birthday posts in the birthday boy/girl's fave colour, this one's in
BLUE for ya!

Sorry i don't have any picture of you and me together, i promise we'll take one soon. Your camera =).

Anyways, i love the dolled up board courtesy of Jo-Ann.

The artist and the birthday girl. =)

i kinda cut the unnecessary addition rom the pic. Don't wanna say who, but i think most of you would know.

And Steph, i'm sorry i was out almost all day for my workshop and all, and i know i didn't live up to making your day extra special, but you had a great time right??

Anyways, i gotta go now. so yeah. Happy Sweeeet 17!

Loves, XOXO, Bye!

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