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Wednesday, 17 September 2008


"No one ever will compare to you Jesus"
Magnificent - Hillsong United
I bet alot of you were waiting for this post. The update from my confirmation camp. =)
It was one helluva fun, and i sure miss you guys lotsss!
But somehow, i'm cursed when i go to The Farm. It's not the farm (probably the malay graveyard opposite) that brings the oh-shit-i've-just-forgot-something gut feeling, but my head that's forever not screwed on. =)
i forgot my shampoo...
and a not-so-precious black t-shirt for games. i used the Choralfest shirt for it =(. didn't wanna destroy the YCA one.
And that's not the end of it. When i left my guitar cable magically disappeared. =.=" That concludes my bad karma ranting.
It had been 4 months since i last hit the farm, and now lookie what happenedd...

adorable aren't they?

First day was a breeze. More setups than anything else. had to get on with our worship preps. i pity drumset. She's a smart girl. she used the chair and it was pretty nice.

Of course, i always wake up with a sore throat during camps, but the first morning was not that bad! The sore throat was there, but as i was so lazy and groggy AND didn't have shampoo. i skippeed the bath and waited for breakfast. After grace i moved out onto the stony road and waited for a free t o Rachel. She had a phobia of my oilworks. I'm very reckless with cooking oil you know, so i waited for my chance to try to hakka style. Just on that moment, Augustine shut his eye. I thought the oil hit him. Turned out to be a bee, and it wasn't poisonous or harmful in any way and he recovered extra fast. PRAISE THE LORD!

So we continued on and were asked to decorate a mailbox for some motivation for each other, and all the sweet sugary messages all came out. Can you spot mine??

that's mine =)

Later at night we had a prayer session, and i was so blur about the whole process i just lit my candle and said a silent prayer, not knowing you could come out and say a prayer out loud...ahh the regretfulness. Father Danny rubbed it in. he has a passion for doing such things.

After that we watched Pay It Forward. It was a great movie. Go watch it. it made me cry in the end, and i'm sure it will too. Oh yea, if anyone can find the last song in the movie, i think it's "Calling All Angels", please send it to me. I love that song

Mass was interesting. VERY interesting. It was a sitting mass and it was very informal. He rubbed in our experiences with the "shit water" AKA Pond water (if you've been to The Farm, you'll know what i mean). It was a great mass, and for once you could see people enjoying it. My tired-ness kicked in half way and fell half asleep. Partially because i woke up in the morning....

TO THE SOUND OF DYDX! It's Mathematical differenciation, and it a topic of Additional Mathematics. I go to camp to avoid all this and i wake up to it. Of course the sound that shook me out of bed was a balloon that popped outside. The pink one i was cuddling was ok. Haha =)

Now. Who could leave The Farm without an experience with the latest addition to it?

If you look closely, you'll see tiny little fish nibbling on my feet. Yup. The Farm now has a fish spa!


Ok. The end. Back to boring old life now =(

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