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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

F# Major...

"Will things ever be the same again?"
The Final Countdown - Europe

The usual hotel looked all too familiar. Yes - PJ Hilton. Since Grade 4 i have been taking piano exams there, and this is the final frontier. I'm not planning on doing the Associate Diploma...too troublesome. It costs too much too. RM1000++

It was the same hall i took my grade 6 in, but it was a different piano. It seemed to haff a maximum volume, and its touch was rather unique, but as far as i saw it, it was not close to a performance piano. The score stand was looooooong! Almost the length of my arm.

My first mistake was even before i entered the hall. I requested to start with scales, and for the second time in the history of all my piano exams, i was nervous. I screwed up ALL my scales. It was a terrible impression i left on him...on top of that he was an organist and also a choir conductor.

Next were my pieces. All three were pretty smooth, but had a little screw up her and there. Sad part was i ended my last song with a stumble. I couldn't turn back.

Sight reading was pretty easy. It was in C Major =). A few sharps and flats here and there, and it sounded good. I hope i did well too......

Aural was next, and he asked me to sight sing a piece of music. And as I said, he was a choir conductor, so he asked me if I do singing outside, and I said yes, and told him about the YCAYCC...After that it was time for the aural discussion, and he asked me about the composer. I said Mozart, and he asked about the type of piece…I was never asked that question in all my aural trials, so I said the waltz, and he replied: “Mozart doesn't write waltzes…” So I changed my answer to the Minuet. It was right =).

Al I can do now is pray for the best, and if you have noticed, it's not even lunchtime on a Wednesday, and I'm blogging. I'm stuck waiting for my EST Paper at 2.


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