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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Broken strings, broken hearts, broken dreams.

"Push me, and then just shove me, until i get my satisfaction"
Satisfaction Remix - Benny Benassi

Hellow :]

I'm back. Now that the english week is kicked off, i haff more time on the computer. yay!

On Sunday i cooked Dinner...tasted like OILY CHICKEN LIVER...partially because of the ingredients...

Spaghetti, corned beef, tuna, mayo and...well, i didn't use the sardines.

TODAY on the other hand, i broke Edward's Guitar string =(, and in return for such a stupid thing Eu Gene came to my class and gave my guitar the "Straight-line tuning", that is tuning UP ALL STRINGS until the tuning pegs are in a straight line. The bloody Form 3 guyss have the passion of doing such crap to other ppls instruments. How i wish i could do the same to his bass...if only i could get near it :].........

Only one thing to say, Do unto others as how you wish others do unto you. It applies to guitar strings =)

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