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Friday, 30 May 2008

Wake Up Call

"I live on raw emotion baby. I answer questions, never maybe."
Wake Up Call - Maroon 5
It's 9 a.m., my iTunes is blasting at full volume, and dad thinks i'm still asleep. At last my sore throat has gone away. Yay!

Yesterday we performed at the Inernational Piano Masterclass in Sri Chempaka...and as forgetful as i usually am, i left my solo scores at home, on top of that my vocal range dropped by 4 notes, making me unable to do my solos...haix...another chance wasted...

Got another concert tonight. It's for the Cyclone Nargis victims. Come over and show your support guys, admission by donation of ANY amount.

Sorry for late notification ya?

ChoralFest is next week, if you find the time, do come for our concert. It's on the 5th at 1.30, tickets at RM8. We'll be doing the "Na Na Song" in it's original text. don't miss the premiere.

I was digging around the YoungChoral website when i found this pic of us. Joel Wong dubbed it "The Heart-Shaped Choir" I like that. It's cute.=)

That's me in the back, between Kathleen and Andrew

Don't we look adorable in this heart-shaped layout??

Another lil' advertlet

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