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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Library Harmony

"Deep in my heart, I dream of having the right school to go to. To have many freinds, cool teachers leading me..."
My School, My World (Sri Nobel School Song) - Clarine Chun

I don't know if it's illegal to post blogs from the school computers, but i'm dead BORED and lazy to get on with the homework, so I stumbled into the library to's been a while =)

Since i'm off marching, i'll tell you why in case you're curious to know. I sprained my leg in an accident while doing house repairs. The idiots in Subang Mewah love to steal drain grills, and you know what a ding-dong i am, so i fell straight into the drain hole and sprained my left leg.

A thunderstorm brewed outside the library, and so the computers had to be switched off. Now i find myself sitting at home, plonked in front of the computer waiting for the Sri Aman Battle of the Bands Audition results in front of the computer. Yes. Being a band manager isn't easy. Especially when there's overdue homework, ligyrophobia, sports practice, Cuddle Therapy, and a band's financial problems revolving around my head at the same time.
And now St. Pinkie's outta ideas. Check back soon...blogging is getting fun again =).

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