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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Happy Birthday Anette!!! =)

"Because you mean so much to me, and for you here I'll always be, a friend for you to lean on"
If You Ask Me If One Song's Enough - Daniel Anthony
10:38 pm:
Daniel manages to get his mom's phone out of her bedroom.

10:46 pm:
Daniel signs into MSN via mig33.

10:56 pm:
Daniel tries to stay awake...

11:20 pm:
Daniel revives his blog. Hooray!!

11:22 pm:
Toilet trip...

11:23 pm:
Back to working on the blog

11:39 pm:
Blog entry successfully posted, DTS is now alive once again.

11:42 pm:
Daniel resumes msn chatting until...

11:51 pm:
...Everyone signed out.

11:52 pm:
Went to refill water bottle.

11:57 pm:
Falling asleep...

11:58 pm:
Hit the loo again.

12:01 am:
Called Anette.

12:02 am:
No answer, retried the call.

12:03 am:
A tired voice went: "Helloo???"
And the bubbly voice replied: "Happy Birthday Anette!!!!"
And my sis went: "Oh God you remembered!"

She counted down till my birthday with me, so I knew she would expect the same treatment.

So I gave it to her =)

And birthdays call for presents, and since I begin all my blog entries with song lyrics, the one used here is from a song I wrote for you Anette, which has the title "If You Ask Me If One Song's Enough"

Hope you like it, I luff ya!!

Once again, Happy Sweet Sixteen!!

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