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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Sing Hallelujah! -Part Two- God Is Love

"Together we will love, as Jesus first loved us, and together, we will serve the Lord"
Together We Stand - SIC Youth Rally 2007 Theme Song

I woke up half dead, and then took a half past six bath before actually heading down into the bus to begin day 2.

After good but tiny breakfast, i made my way to the hall and sat with Kevin, Nigel and Chris in the front.

The first session was "God is Love". Which was basically an explanation the theme of the 2007 Youth Rally: "Love One Another As I Have Loved You".

Morning tea came after, and as usual, is was tiny and sent my appetite haywire. i could feel my stomach rumbling at random times of the day.

As the next session went by explaining more about love, and after our mediocre lunch we returned to our dorms and I took advantage and had a proper bath. The coldwater shower took ages for my body to adapt to (as you all know i cannot take cold temperatures) so i was in the middle of changing when the bus call was made and i put on a random shirt and sorts and raced down for the hike back to the hall for the session named "Puppy Love" according to our schedule, only to find out it had been replaced by Making Melodies...

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