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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Sing Hallelujah! -Part Three- Fifty Thousand Rupees

"Making melodies in my heart unto the King of Kings"
Making Melodies - Unknown Composer

So we started off the session by getting sorted into our groups on our name tag, and i ended up in group 4, with Brian and Lyn as our "facilitators"

So we brainstormed in the cafeteria for 15 minutes until we pulled together a skit based on "The Prodigal Son" and acted it out. It was based in India, where I, the father of 4 and the owner of Pokemon Corporation the family business made that announcement that i would be too old to handle the business someday and would have to divide the company equally for my 4 children. My 4th son (the lazy bum) then stands up and bangs the table, demanding the share on the spot. So I went: "Now. You want your share NOW!!? NO!!

So i sign a mock cheque of 50,000 Rupees and hand it to him with the trademark way of exclaiming the words "Fifty Thousand Rupees!!" in the you-have-just-won-fifty-thousand-rupees-in-the-lottery kinda tone.

So he heads to the disco, where we intended to play banghra music but couldn't as we could not get our hands on any. Then my boy sees a pretty girl (Jacqueline) and goes: "Unforgettable..." before getting disrupted by one of his friends. He then took her out on a blind date singing: "Beautiful Girl" by Sean Kingston and falling asleep on her shoulder. She then loots the 50 grand and flees the scene.

Brian then comes by on a cheap kamchia moto (well, we couldn't possibly bring a motorcycle into the hall so he did it "Crazy Frog Style") and notices that he is still asleep, and decided to play a little prank and rev the engine and speed past and awaken him from his nap. His last words? "50,000 Rupee. GONE!"

And so he is insulted by his 4 brothers and returns to the office the next day to find forgiveness and i gave him a cuddle (that made the crowd go awww!!), forgave him and re-employed him.

Brian's actual idea? "Son! Where have you been!?? It's 3 in the morning!!! *sudden change of emotions* here's a bottle."

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I think your advertisements are ruining your blog! And half the posts won't load! Ah well, maybe it's my comp.

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