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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Sing Hallelujah! -Part One- Bugger The Ladder

"Blaze, spirit blaze, set our hearts on fire!"
Shine Jesus Shine - Cliff Richard

It' Saturday! Yay! First day of the SIC Youth Rally 2007.

I got to the church late, and met Amanda and Jacqueline there. After a while i stumbled upon Roeshan and a couple of guys from my class, so we stuck together for a while and walked around the church . After going one full round around the church, we looked back and i went DAMN! I WALKED UNDER A LADDER!!!!! But my luck remained fair...until the bus list was up. Guess what? I was in a bus full of strangers except for Sanjeev. darn.

So the bus ride there was really quiet, except for the round of Big 2 (Chor Dai Di) i had with a few Chinese guys.

Upon getting there early, i managed to grab a good place in the registration queue........well, there was no queue, so i registered fast enough to wait for my pals to get there. Gosh i thank God i missed the queue. the pile-up after i left was craaazy!

So my bad luck struck again. I was sorted into 7M, another dorm full of strangers. Haaiixxxxx...Stupid ladder!!

Marc told us to prepare for mass after getting settled in our dorms, so a bus came and picked us up and dropped us at our apartment blocks, where i got to my room and found that i have a room with no bathroom AND a jammed fan which could NOT rotate all to myself. Swt, swt,swt. I still blame the ladder, although i had the room all to myself, and i had a window to look out of and pray. =)

When the bus came and took us back to the hall, i was wondering how to survive 4 days with no MSN, a bolster and Cuddle Therapy®...

In case you are wondering what Cuddle Therapy® is, take a look at the blog entry "Calypso Troppo" below.

Finally after dinner Mass started. I was so sesat as i haven't been for mass for more than 3 months. So i was like a blurcase muttering the words under my breath.

"Go in peace and love and serve the Lord" and so I did.

Dinner was on time, so i sat down and ate and concluded my meal with a round of Big 2 with Kevin and Chris.

After dinner, Martin Jalleh was there, and sadly, his mother passed away just 4 days ago, explaining his late arrival. So we ended the night with praise and worship.

By the time we got back to the dorm, i got changed, had a quick shower and took to the bed only to find Marc had chased Daniel out of his room and into mine. So at least now i have someone to talk to for a while before i drift off into dreamland...

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