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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Rubato Fortissimo

"I ask, cause I’m not sure: do anybody make real shit anymore?"
Stronger - Kanye West

After working out another chapter in my "Cuddle Therapy" method of curing Globophobia, i wondered what the feeling would be like to sit on a balloon. People have sat on it for MINUTES on end before it poppped, so i gave it a try.

But i was so stupid to forget that i had used the same balloon for the Cuddle Therapy. That means i've been hugging it all night and therefore weakened the rubber till it was really soft.

So you can guess what happened. I sat down on that balloon and within 3 SECONDS came the almighty BANG! 3 BLOODY SECONDS is all that i had!

2 balloons in less than a month!! God save me!! This is HELL!

After my nasty morning i took off to the bank to deposit my money, when i got half way there, I went "Shit, Where's my money!?" I had to walk all the way home just to pick up my cash.

Then i had to go get lunch and some wrapping paper for my dad, The stupid bookshop had to move across town and make me walk almost a mile to get there. I got the wrapping paper, and then i had an idea to go to the sewing shop and pick up some earring hooks.

I got there and saw the cost. Damn were they expensive! RM6 for 8 hooks!

Since today was my dad's birthday, i want to spend the whole day with him. It seems just like an ordinary day, just that i missed his last one as I was in Sarawak with the choir.

He opened his present as soon as he got it: A brand new shaving razor.

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