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Monday, 3 December 2007


"A crash of drums! A flash of light! My golden coat flew out of sight! The colours faded into darkness, I was left alone."
Any Dream Will Do - Andrew Lloyd Webber


Nat said that when she found that Edgar was using magnetic earrings. "He ain't got the guts to pierce his ears."

Truth is, we were both planning to do so during the holidays. I got impatient and chose TODAY.

Joel and his gang were heading to IOI Mall today so I tagged along. The ear piercing there was CHEAP! Only RM5 per side. I went straight ahead and did both ears on the spot.

Ok, i now am going to describe the PAIN i went through to get this done. I told the shopkeeper. "Both Ears", and straight after that she asked me to choose my free studs, and I picked the gold shiny one.

Then she pulled out the piercer. I looked like a HANDGUN, and she loaded it with the earring and needil and i heard the click sound. I was nearly trembling, she then sprayed me with some sort of cooling spray.

Most of you know that i have a problem with cold temperatures. The spray made me tremble and the shopkeeper mistakenly thought that I was scared and she went "don't worry, it's not that painful". Swt.

So she put the "handgun" on my ear, and in a natter of seconds i felt like a steel pole just shot through my ear, the pain was, well, PAINFUL!

so i asked the shopkeeper to please wait for me to relax befor driving another stud into my left ear, so i was like can i pay first, and she was like "finish first lah"

Same thing happened. lol

After getting into the car, my dad didn't notice. Until he asked "What's that on your ear?"

I went: I got them pierced!!!
He said: You got permission or not?
I said: Permission??
Dad: From mum.
I said: I told her, and she said can if the school allows.

Anyway, if Sri Nobel doesn't, what CAN they do? If they expel or suspend me, that's SERIOUSLY going to ruin the school's reputation. But hey, they can't take the hole out of my ear.

Thousands of boys my age have pierced ears, It's MY right to have one too.

SCREW the Education Ministry if they have ANYTHING negative to say.

My body, my self, MY RULES.

Any questions? My call link is just on the top of my blog.

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