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Thursday, 1 November 2007

Terrorist Plot

"And you see this bandanna hanging? That means I'm like a bandit."
Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown feat. T-Pain

The real laziness of mine kicked in when i finished awards day auditions for one of the performances, so i had the urge to play speed while watching the form twos play. At least Siew Li lent me her cards so i had a game with Jian Soon which proved to be quite a challenge as i was rusty at speed. Time passed much faster that wasy, soon i had to go and play for the music club audition. I left 2 Gold to get into 3 Gold, where i dumped my stuff when i arrived at 11 AM. Turned out that Edgar and Lennon were scribbling stuff out on the table. Edgar asked me if i had seen his vest, i said no, then proceeded to the wire sculpture on the table. Some idiot had slapped more plaster on it and cut up some parts. Someone was here, i reckon he/she came during lunch and hijacked the classroom, taking Edgar's vest. So i thought i better check my bag to see if the CD Courier was there. It was. I breathed a sigh of relief, but as soon as i pulled it out of my bag, i saw that it was covered in plaster - the same type as the art project plaster. God i tell you if i find the maniac who did this Edgar and I are going to trash him...

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