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Friday, 2 November 2007

Practice!? What practice!?!?

"There's a light that shines to make the dark disappear, a power at work and there's nothing to fear."
Church On Fire - HillSong

My 017 phone started blaring "Everybody Dance Now" by C&C at about 2.50pm. Nick told me to come for practice now. I told him that I wanted to go for all souls d...and he inteupted me saying "come after mass lah!" It took me a while to tell him that I'm not going to church, but to the crematorium for the all souls day service. He told me that they'll be there till six, so I said I'll come after prayers. I then left for the crematorium, and put a flower on my grandma's slot and said a short prayer, then head off to Nick's place. He greeted me and told me to go upstairs as they were taking a break. Kath seemed really happy to see me. She just got a new laptop this morning with Windows Vista Office Professional - my turn to be jealous...=P. So we watch both of nick's brothers playing football and whacking each other up in WWE. So I asked kath how was the first half of practice. She replied "Practice!? We've been stoning up here since we came!" It was at that moment that I regret asking my dad to drive me there. We continued stoning for the next half hour, when we finally went down to get some serious practice done. We only did two songs, then Jac left. Aaron asked me for a lift back, and so I agreed and he and Nick continued camwhoring with an iBook webcam. Swt. After sending Aaron back, here I am walking around Giant Kelana Jaya shopping for groceries. I called KK, but she didn't pick up. God do I hope that tomorrow will just turn out right!!

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