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Monday, 5 November 2007

Live Out Your Dreams! -Part Two- Just Adorable!!

"This is what dreams are made of."
What Dreams Are Made Of - Hilary Duff

The night ended late after the Finale (My Redeemer Lives), so I waited outside with my phone in one hand (because of all the missed calls) and my lil’ balloon in the other. I ran through the rain to get to mom’s Honda, and we drove home talking about why the Catholic church doesn’t do these kind of things, and why the Protestants do so. When I got home, dad was still on the com. So after I did the laundry I ran up to my bed and turned on my mom’s IBM X41 laptop and connected to the wireless. I wasted some time online, then my dad turned off the wireless (now you know why I cut off without warning in the middle of the night!)

After I got cut off, I saw my balloon bouncing up and down in the wind of my room fan, so to try to relax, I switched on the aircond and looked at it again. All of a sudden I had this rush of cuteness through my body. I hugged the balloon and went to bed with it by my side. I tugged on the string every now and then just to tingle my cute feeling. I have to say it. Helium balloons are sooo adorable!!

I woke up and found my lil’ balloon had lost it’s ability to float and it just lay there, motionless, but still as cute as ever. I couldn't believe that i went to bed with a balloon and didn't pop it! I gave it another hug, took a bath, and laft for school, at 12pm. lol

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