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Monday, 5 November 2007

Live Out Your Dreams! -Part One- Follow Your Destiny!

"They're gonna clean up your looks, with all the lies in the books to make a citizen out of you, because they sleep with a gun and keep an eye on your son, so they can watch all the things that you do."
Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

Just yesterday night, I found out I had a really huge weak spot for helium balloons. Why?? I’ll tell you later.

Isabel “IzzyLamKins” Lam sent me the invitation to some event called the LOUD Concert some time ago. I accepted and she kept pestering me for my response. I literally thank god for saying yes.

Less than 24 hours after SIC Sunday School Form 3 Class Party came the L.O.U.D. concert by DUMC. Izzy sent me the invite, so accepted and went. When I got there, first thing kena hentam by the guys. They somehow had an urge for gay violence. Obviously they forgot that they were in a CHURCH…

I was waiting for my partner – Darren – to go in for the games before the concert. He didn’t turn up in the end. I’m going to strangle him tomorrow.

The queue to enter built up and reached it’s peak around 7:15, and to avoid the pushing and shoving Alvin and I loitered about the carpark eating, chit-chatting and picking up a balloon or two. By the time they closed the fair we went in and joined the end of the at least 50-metre long queue.

By the time we settled down in the auditorium the concert began. The first few dances that kicked it off were beautiful, but well, dancing was never my thing, so yeah =).

I feel a bit lazy to write about the music, so I’ll skip to the pastor’s speech ok?

The Pastor came up to the podium and began to explain that LOUD was actually an acronym for “Live Out Your Dreams”. And that Jesus has a plan for your life. Your task is to live it up and carry it out.

There was a story he told us that almost made me cry. It was about friendship and how God’s plan for your life may seem like a torture script. In the end everything turns out right, no matter how screwed up life is.

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