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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Ice Cream Soda, Balloon-phobia and La Bamba!!

"People killing people dying, children hurt can hear them crying. Why don't you practice what you preach, don't you turn the other cheek? Father, Father, Father! Help us! Send some guidance from above! Cause' people here have got me questioning - Where is the love?"
Where Is The Love - Black Eyed Peas

Yes it's true - I, a balloon lover have balloon-phobia!

It was about 4:45 PM on the 3rd of November. I opened my wardrobe and took out the colour that outshined the rest - pink. I put up a lot of self control to save that shirt for our Sunday School Class Party that night. So i put on the shirt and a pair of three-quarter and head off to music theory class where I learnt about silly ways of chance-composing, example: people draw the 5-line staff with 4 ledger lines added both above and below on their aquarium and drop a goldfish inside. Wherever the fish swims, that is the next note of the piece of music......ok we're getting off topic here.

After class i moved my brother's Pearl Export EXR Series Cymbals (Crashride, Crash and HiHat) into my mom's Honda and off to church i went. When i finally got to church, mass was still going on. So with nothing better to do i decided to give the drumset a test. I ended up getting scolded, lol. The party started later than usual, with a tiny crowd in the cafeteria lined with cloth, spangles and balloons. Yes, balloons. Another night having to face my fear. I set up the laptop and copied the songs from Aaron's thumbdrive and Kathleen's Sushi-shaped thumb drive. Damn that looked good. It was not tuntil the sound system (which SUCKED) was moved in when they didn't have MiniJack inputs for the laptop. The DJ just lost his job =(. Anyway, Marcia and some of them didn't like my scratching, so there. Dinner was nearly silent.

So Nick and Kelvin wanted to break the silence of boredom and jam out a song, impromptu. They pretty much screwed up a bit. Before i could finish eating my dinner i was prompted to play for praise and worship, and gasp! No piano amplifier!!

Nick kicked it off with his fave song, La Bamba and they made me play it out on the keyboard. I never knew how to play La Bamba, so i pretended to play, only Jac realised that the keyboard was off. =P.

Only after clowning around we finally started praise and worsip. There i was banging nonsense out on the keyboard without a score. Even if I brought my score, the keyboard had no music stand. For our Finale (Church on Fire + Victory Chant) I swapped instruments with Nick. He took the keyboard; i took the electric guitar. Man, was praise and worship fun, until i realised Kathleen played a little too hard and broke my brand new Select Oak A7 PowerSticks on the drums, that's the second pair she broke in 2 days! Chill lah sis!! I really give up on these Malaysian crap drumsticks!!

And then the games started...Kelvin organized "Pisang Goreng" - a Malay game which involves fast thinking. He must have forgot that we were in a CHURCH, and that there were NO MALAYS there.

Then the "dancefloor" was open to everyone, and i had to sit back and relax and operate the turntable set and mix up songs for the gang. Some of the people there were whacking each other with balloons, tingling my nerves, until some itchy-fingered bloke popped one. He had to pop the pink balloon. I really wanted to take home that one! It was sooo cute!! =(

What really touched me that night was when Kathleen actually took a picture with me. No one besides Sheril and Keilly ever wanted to take a picture with me before. It made me so happy i almost cried. God Bless you Kathleen!

Party ended late, so my mom came and helped to put away the laptop.

Next time, i bring EVERYTHING. Adapter, cassette player and more music!!!

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