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Thursday, 1 November 2007

Happy Birthday Esther and Sarah Tan

"I had a dream that no one dared to dream, a dream that changed my life forever."
Broken Dreams - Daniel Anthony

Being a songwriter, getting a dedication across can be hard and can be easy. Worse, i had a dedication to write, and PMR was just round the bend, i held the song in my head, and i turned my exam roughwritng paper into manuscript pages, scribbling out notation on any unused piece of paper i could get my hands on. After PMR i finally got my hands on Finale and penned out the niggling stuff onto my computer and get cracking on the dedications.

Among the two songs (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Broken Dreams), Broken Dreams was a birthday present for Esther Tan. Only after penning the whole song down i realized she and her sister share the same birthday. So i dedicated it to both of them, hoping it would make a good birthday present.

October went by in a flash. The first week dragged because of PMR, but the rest of the month went by just too fast. Today came without me realising it.

I saw Esther online and i told myself it was now or never, and i presented Broken Dreams to her like all my othere songs that i've wrote and asked her to hear, and told her happy birthday. and as I prayed for the best, the est happened - she liked it, and so did Sarah.

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