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Thursday, 8 November 2007

Fifty-Fifty Symphony

"I can catch the moon in my hand, don't you know who I am?"
Remember My Name! - Irene Cara

Last night, I smsed a few peeps from my choir asking about what time today's rehearsal at MPO was at, and only Sheril replied. God bless her.

So this morning, i went with my mom to Low Yat Plaza to get our cracked up Level One 802.11b Wireless Router exchanged for a Linksys 802.11g Wireless Router, which is not as headache inducing as the old one lol.

After that we went off to KLCC to DFP for practice, actually the choir practiced, i just sat and watched. I was supposed to help out, but there was nothing there for me to do, but to enjoy a free concert.

I missed the Dewan Philharmonik very nuch, so i enjoyed my "stay" there, and I listened to the acoustics work so beautifully. It felt just like 2 years ago, when Darrel and i did a duet of "Walking In The Air" by Howard Blake with the orchestra.

There is this famous song from the opera "Carmen" that has a part which features a prelude that sounds familiar, and the choir was singing after the prelude. So the orchestra wanted to run thru the prelude quickly before letting the choir sing. When the conductor (Marc Rochester) raised his stick and the song began, half of the orchestra was looking at the wrong score, voila! DJ mixing, orchestra style. Haha!!

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