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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Enjoy The Show!

"Use your knowledge, use your trust, use your courage if you must, but you don't need a gun to change the world!"
You Don't Need A Gun To Change The World - The Kuala Lumpur Children's Choir

The Lemonade Kid, held on the 25th of November in KLPac Pentas 1 was the last large scale of the advanced level as a part of the KL Children's Choir. The worst part of that was the fact that i wasn't performing.

So i arrived in KLPac at 2PM, and Sammie's mom came and asked why i was late, and i replied with a sigh: "I'm not performinglah."

Since i had a slow morning as i was thrown out of bed a bit too early just to clean up my room, i went up slowly to the top floor, where i looked for a "job". I didn't want to be jobless because if that was the case i would be the only person who was totally not involved in the performance. So i was employed to do ticket stubbing. Yay!!

I never did it before, it was kinda embarrassing when i drop the tickets, but at least i didnt tear off the wrong side, the KLPac tickets are so confusing! If you've been there, all tickets have two detachable sides, and cases of tearing the wrong side off has happened countless times. My partner at the front of house screwed up even worse, she MISSED the perforation and TORE the ticket.

i missed Keilly's solo as i went in later just to keep an eye out for latecomers. So i went in and watched yuan Ping, Andrew and the soprano chamber choir(100% part of KLCC) which performed with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra(see entries "Do-Re-Mi-So-Fa-La-Ti-Do" and "Fifty-Fifty Symphony").

Andrew sang so well, he sounded like he was plucked straight out of Broadway and thrown into KLPac. He had a huge applause from the crowd.

The Musical "The Lemonade Kid" followed. I did not watch ANY one of the rhearsals of ths show, so everything was a surprise to me. And yup, i was surprised. Little kids as young as 7 years old singing their hearts out like a professional school choir, which is EXTREMELY good for their age and level.

So it ended late, and the lead actors all received bouquets of flowers from the audience. Firat time the choir ever received such treatment. They didn't even do that in 2006's Season Of Love: Diwali the Musical, maybe because I was the lead actor. lol

The wierd thing is actually everyone in the Advanced level received their level-up cert, but as far as i'm concerned, i'm the only person who completed all the Advanced level milestones. That means that i'm the only certified Chorister in the whole choir!


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