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Tuesday, 13 November 2007


"Sunday morning, rain is falling."
Sunday Morning - Maroon 5

At 6:04 am i woke up to a muffled and tired sounding pop. I let go of my bolster and found a little shiny scrap of rubber there. Yup - my balloon popped =(.

i went back to sleep feeling sad and disappointed. It was the first time i ever popped a balloon in my life. To me, popping a balloon is.....sacrilege! I would never deliberately do such a thing. I take it like the destruction of something so cute, beautiful and adorable!!

My mom screamed at me to wake up in time to get to DFP, and so i woke up wondering why on earth my phone didn't roll "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance and push me out of bed. God bless Susanna for messaging my mom to ask her if i'm going. I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom, where i eventually fell asleep for another 20 minutes before showering and changing.

I left for the oh so familiar Taman Bahagia RapidKL LRT Station where my 40-minute journey began towards KLCC station, where i would relive the days i rehearsed with Kevin Field and did a duet with Chan Chan with orchestra accompaniment. That was so cool.

That day our conductor was Carl Davis. Yes i've worked with 2 of MPO's wonderful conductors.

Mary Carewe was the soloist for our little performance, and she was a powerful singer with a tendancy to get nervous. Poor thing, i pity those with stagefright.

The love for the stage drives us performers to seek fame and publicity, and i am one person who is not stage shy, i love myself for that =).

So that morning during the rehearsal for "Do-Re-Mi", Mary was looking pretty nervous, and so she sang her upwards scale with "do, re, me, so, fa, la, ti, do" instead of "do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do". It left all of us laughing, including her.

Working backstage in DFP is a once in a lifetime experience, not everyone gets to do it. The backstage in DFP was no stranger to me. I've been there before and had many bitter and sweet experiences there. I love that place and i'm really gonna miss it.

The concerts ended late that day, and while working backstage i managed to get Carl Davis' and Mary Carewe's autograph! I even got a picture with them. But sadly due to photography law, i cannot post them here.

I'm not being lazy, I respect the law!

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