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Sunday, 18 November 2007


"There's a choice we're making, we're saving our own lives. It's true we'll make a better day just you and me."
We Are The World - USA for Africa

I know that this *LATE* blog entry is named after one of the "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi" episodes, partially because i love that show, but also because i want blog titles with a musical kiss. =)

On the 15 of November, i got a chance to perform on stage for the awards day in school, twice. Not many students get the privilege to be on stage twice on awards day. I certainly had it.

So i was late in the morning as my screwed up urinary system started acting up again. I had BVD for a few years, and it so damn annoying.

i reached school at about 7:40 am, 20 minutes later than my instructions from Mr Kwan, so I proceeded straight to backstage and prepared for our Stomp! presentation.

My role was to hit the plastic garbagecan and make a "Bass drum" sound. I loved my part on stage, except for the fact that my dad focused the camera on Edwin, after my mom thought it was me. My old lady thinks i'm too fat. Mind you, it isn't funny having a mom who eats little and calls you fat.

After Stomp! concluded i changed and raced off to join the line for Miss Bee Yong's performance, We Are The World. I somehow learnt to love that song through all the rehearsal that i had with the group, and the desperate searching for the audio file online. Michael Jackson isn't so bad after all when you take the rapist in him out. =)

After concluding the performance on stage, i rang my dad up and got his camera to tape the shufflers. They asked me to do so, and i accepted the task with open hands. I really wanted to kick William's younger brother though, that little idiot kept humping my leg and kicking me while i was taping. Little kids are such headaches. How do I know,? I was one annoying bastard when I was a little kid too...

After taping the guys i showed them the video, which looked ok, and was ready for YouTube. I was certain i would make history, until i left the camcorder in class for lunch.

Eunice and her gang were partying in 3 Gold, our classroom, and i let them have a look at their video. them amateurs didn't know how to operate the handycam, and taped over 75% of the shuffling and half of their own video, another broken dream.

Good thing Soung Hui and Eunice had some video clips backed up on their cameras, i am so gonna need them......

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