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Friday, 16 November 2007

Allegro Hard-style

"There is no other alternative."
No Alternative - DJ Merlin & C-Bass

The love for shuffling brought the SdF members in Sri Nobel together to put up a show for the year end concert, which was apparently a really good idea as almost the whole damn school screamed their lungs out when they danced.

On Wednesday (14th November 2007) evening (yes, this is another late blog entry...), i got a phone call from my mum saying that the Catholic Research Centre's office PCs started acting up, and she told me to pack my laptop and wait for her outside my house.

When we got to CRC, i realised that it was linked to Stella Maris school. I went "Damn, am I going to spend a whole night in a SCHOOL!!?"

When we unpacked and got on with the "rescue" work i eventually got bored, and after a friend taught me basic hard-style shuffling in school, i had the urge to give it a go. So i went to the toilet and put my Sony-Ericsson W900i Walkman phone on it's highest volume and played Basshunter's Dota Song as it was the only techno song on my phone, and shuffled alone, where i am not humiliated or being called a clown, trust me - clowns can't shuffle.

It was only about 20 minutes later when i realized that i was shuffling in a school at 10:30 PM on a school night, another entry in my log of wild events.

I went back to the office much later and resumed "work", it was tiring like hell. Even 2 cups of coffee and1 cup of milk tea couldn't keep my senses active. As it is, i slept at 2 am the night before.

I had to get up early tomorrow to get to school for the awards day concert. As it is, i was already wondering how to do so.

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