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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Up In Smoke

"Through the fire and the flames we carry on!"
Through The Fire And Flames - DragonForce

When any big exam is over, there are a million thoughts that run through a student's head. Of all the activities that flash about, there is one that is uniform in all students - rich and poor, strong and weak, old and young - book burning.

Many plan it out, think about it, but most of the time, it never happens. I, for one, made sure it did.

So it was my brother, Joel's birthday on October 29th. My family decided to celebrate it one day earlier on the 28th - a lovely Sunday evening.

After ordering the cake and buying last minute barbecue stuff, i returned home to enjoy some freshly barbecued dinner. Halfway through it i decided to go to my room, grab the pile of worksheets and books and chuck them into the fire, but my dad told me to wait till the food was cooked, so i reluctantly tamed myself till food was cooked, and fished out my moral excercise book to start the ceremony.

Since it was Joel's birthday, i let him start the fire. He took the green-and-black excercise book and placed it on the embers of hot coal and watch smoke spur from it before it literally burst into flames. It was a beautiful sight, and i got it all on tape. And when i say tape, i mean tape.

The next victim was my B.M. Komsas (Literature) book, which has far too many incomplete notes and excercises interrupted by falling asleep in class. I never like B.M. anyway!! So it was added to the leaping flames.

The main course of the night was a PMR Bahasa Melayu Past Year exam papers collection book, which i loathed. It had "MALAS" (meaning lazy) written on every other page (I couldn't be bothered with all that), and i always wanted to do something like this to a book, so it was added to the pile, and the pages were turning because of the heat. Every section of the PMR B.M. paper was slowly reducing itself to ashes, and the flame was so intense that it even unfocused my dad's handycam (with an idiot like me operating it, the video looked crappy).

And my brother, who is also a bit of an idiot, put in a ramdom excercise book WITH the plastic cover. The whole thing melted to reveal a maths book (Sorry Mr. Chong!!). It slowly brought the fire to an end and left half the B.M. book unburnt.

So i grabbed a science worksheet, and rekindled the fire, swallowing up my b.M. and Maths excercise books. I then took a hard stare at the pile of worksheets ready to be destroyed, but my overreactive mom didn't want a polluted environment, thus ending the ceremony there.

But heck it was fun. Watch out for the video on my Friendster!

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