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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Graduation Day

"Days may be cloudy or sunny, we're in or we're out of the money, but I'm with you always, I'm with you rain or shine!"
Come Rain or Come Shine! - St. Louis Woman

Yesterday night was too cranked up with so many things that i didn't have the time to blog about this, so i pushed this entry 24 hours later. lol

As usual, i was late. I got to YCA wondering where everyone was. So i asked Chan Chan where everyone was...apparently they chose the kitchen as their dressing room. So i got there and wasted some of the Brylcreem ReshaperGum i had not touched for months on my hair just to look pretty.

And so we started finally, with a hall which was not as crowded as we expected it to be and we sat down on the carpet and watched as Kathleen took on her first song...God was she nervous. It was like a chain reaction - the current performer would make the next one nervous as he/she sets the standard for the next performer. After how Keilly sang, she set a heck of a standard for me.

As I went up, i felt slightly nervous, and held the last note of my first song a little too long. I also came in a little to early for my second song, thus screwing up the piano part for a while (sorry Mama San!!!)

And so our recital came to an end there. Phew! Blogging is tough work!

At least this functions as a journal entry. There! Two birds killed with one stone!

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